Shakima Ivory

Shakima Ivory

Shakima Ivory has worked at the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) for more than 20 years, becoming a member of Local 1180 in 2005. She advanced her career at NYCHA serving in varied capacities: Secretary II, Secretary III, Principal Administrative Associate (PAA) Level I, PAA Level Il, PAA Level Ill, and Administrative Manager (10 years).

In 2015, Shakima was elected as a Shop Steward at NYCHA’s 90 Church Street location. In 2016, she successfully completed both the Shop Steward and Shop Steward Grievance Handling trainings. As a Shop Steward, she advocated for members, coordinated onsite meetings, and conducted Shop Steward elections. 

Shakima uses her positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage others to work hard and succeed, and is passionate about helping others achieve higher professional and personal goals. She is consistent and diligent in her efforts to solicit member participation for meetings, workshops, and other union activities; has been a valuable resource to Shop Stewards, members, and the Union by providing insight regarding general working conditions and workload distribution; and is always willing to assist members work through personal barriers that impede their work. She is a strong believer in fighting for union and human rights.
In 2020, Shakima was nominated to serve on the Local 1180 Election Committee, responsible for conducting the election of the Local, in compliance with, the Federal Law, Article XI, Article XX, CWA Constitution and Local Bylaws.

One of Shakima’s proudest achievements was serving as a Girl Scout Troop Leader at Penn-Wortman Community Center for two years. As a Troop Leader, she recruited adults to serve as members of the Troop Committee, and conducted weekly fun, interactive, informative girl-led activities that addressed current issues that met their interests and needs. Shakima took joy in planning weekend trips to Camp Kaufmann (Dutchess County) to bring together girls from diverse backgrounds – some of which have never left their own borough, let alone experienced camping or skiing. Shakima has a passion for service and giving back to her community. When asked what motivates her she replies “I lead with my heart.” 

Shakima enjoys spending time with her family and friends, loves to travel, enjoys a good Netflix binge and a good book every now and then.